Purchase DiamondFire ranks here!

All ranks are one-time purchases - no monthly fees!

If you want to upgrade your rank, you only have to pay the difference. The prices will adjust automatically when you enter your username at checkout.  If they don't, please contact one of the server admins.

Additional Information:

  • Please note that all perks are subject to change/rebalancing at any time. ¬†However, that also means that more perks may be added in the future!
  • If your rank includes exclusive code actions, anyone on your plot(s) can use them!
  • Our WorldEdit perks include most commands, with the exception of a few such as schematics.
  • For clarity, the plot limits listed here are the TOTAL limits for a player at that rank (not including plots purchased separately or won via rewards). For example, Emperor includes a TOTAL of 2 large plots, not 2 plots in addition to the 1 from Noble.
Noble 14.99 USD Buy
Emperor 39.99 USD Buy
Mythic 64.99 USD Buy
Overlord 99.99 USD Buy